Habesha Africa – Rooted in Namibia to create new realities on the Continent. Habesha Africa is a PTY Limited group with interests in various sectors of the economy.

The group, founded by a team of previously disadvantaged Namibians, operates in Technical, Education, Marketing & Advertising, PR, GPS tracking, Entertainment and Events Management, Construction as well as Tourism and hospitality.  The founders have extensive experience and knowledge in managing and driving business strategies and operations with over 25 years’ combined.

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The youth of Namibia has challenged Lazarus Shiimi aka Gazza via social media to do something about the unemployment situation in the country under the hash tag #GazzapleaseDoSomething.

Our team works around the clock, enabling us to get back to the youth quickly whenever they need our help. We are happy to announce that the team has identified more than 200 job opportunities in the UAE ranging from Accountants, Human Resources, Admin, Car Mechanics, Painters (spray painter), Electricians, Welders, and Upholsterers. This component offers employment that will enable you to work in Dubai for a period of two years which is also renewable depending on individual’s performance.

For us to ensure that the safety of our people is not compromised, we have requested the Office of the President and the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service to intervene in the recruitment process. This is an effort we made to ensure that we monitor and combat human trafficking and scam offers. Once the aforementioned have been done and the recruiting company has been checked, referenced and approval is given to us by our government, the selection process will then take place.

As a group committed to the well-being and social progression of the communities we operate in. Habesha contributes an average 3 % of its net profit to worthy social causes and projects in collaboration with selected key strategic partners who have common purposes of creating new realities for our stakeholders.